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History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Volume 1

Book from Project Gutenberg: History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Volume 1

Library of Congress Classification: DG

Contributor Project Gutenberg
Language English


Reviewer: MHVB - - September 12, 2011
Subject: as read by Stephen Hawking :(
just a joke. but if you know stephen hawking and how he communicates, than you can decide for yourself whether you can tolerate this. Personally, its not my cup of tea
Reviewer: NoSpillBlood - - January 9, 2011
Subject: Robot voice or How not to hear a great book.
Why are commentators more or less ignoring the elephant in the room on this particular "gift"? If, like most people, you grow impatient at hearing thirty seconds of robot-tone recorded messages when you call the bank for your balance, this will have you in a straitjacket by the end of page one. Horrible, awful, ridiculous.
Reviewer: Zeno Izen - - September 17, 2007
Subject: Streaming?
I can't get the streaming to work.
Reviewer: DennyBrud - - September 6, 2007
Subject: Wow!
Reviewer: joelguide - - February 20, 2006
Subject: Long and Boring
This is really one long and boring read. I only got interested at the end when they started talking about the early Christian Church.

This may be a gift, but all the commentary on commentary and boring style leave you asleep in a short time.
Reviewer: Wangchuk - - September 12, 2005
Subject: best history
gibon's best effort and the gift to the world!